Tactics for Viral Videos

Tips & tricks to create viral videos.

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Tactics to create & produce viral videos!

The trendy term ‘viral’ is going viral. However, can one create ‘viral’ videos?

We often hear ‘I want to create a viral video’ in the hope of getting a viral social post that achieves millions of video views and thousands of re-shares. Our initial thoughts are – of course, us too. However, it is not as easily achieved than said. If ‘viral’ were a marketing strategy that worked, then every company worldwide would implement it and get millions and millions of engagements. Imagine every post on Facebook having 5 million views!  Hence, the expectation to ‘create a viral video’ and the promise of delivering a viral video are both unrealistic. Sorry, but let’s be straightforward. Nevertheless, there are tactics to increase the chance of your video going ‘viral’.

3.5 Million Video Views | a campaign we created & executed for dcc.ae

The beauty of running an agency, Street Life Agency, who produce videos and sell video-as-a-service and a media platform who produce content for our platforms is that we can play, test, analyse, learn and adapt. We have improved our video views and length of watching by 480%.

1: Market Size Your Content

If your branding guidelines allow it and your sole intention is to get a million hits, then this might work for you.

Market size content! Study the current most popular videos, sum the total video views for the different content categories and assess what topic is currently the most trendy. Then reproduce it. Yes, copy it. Create content that people are currently interested in.

From our experience, the trendiest consumed videos are about dogs, kids, memes or football. Thereof, create a video about dogs and integrate your logo within the first 5 seconds, at the middle, and just at the ending. The chances of this video ‘flying’ are much higher than a boring front-angle interview with your marketing director talking about how great their service or product is. The negative, the video might not have explained what your company does. Nevertheless, you left an impression of your logo with thousands of people who genially love seeing dogs.

Bonus: when market sizing ‘content’, you can justify the budget by presenting a numeric value of the potential reach this content could gain. This surely will make your CEO or Marketing Director understand the ROI and allocate the budget towards your projects.

2: Structure your Content

As a marketer, you must have noticed that vide-view dropout rates are tremendous. In the first 3 seconds,80% of all video views watched your video. From second 10-onwards, only 5% are still watching it. We have played around with making the curve less dramatic and more plateau. How? By structuring your content with ‘engagement loops’.

To summarise, following a structured methodology to create your content will establish more video views, longer engagement and clearer brand messaging.

3: Powerful Thumbnails

Make awesome thumbnails! This is the most important advice we have. A dull thumbnail will not cause interest. It will not create engagement in the highly competed social feeds where thousands of multi-media pieces compete. People will scroll past it. However, a colourful, bizarre image with minimal text, overlayers will catch their interest. Combining powerful thumbnails and the above structure will increase the video view rates incredibly.

Content Production Dubai UAE
Thumbnail for ‘Take Control’ Music Video we Street Life produced. 

Bonus: we always include our thumbnail image in the first three frames of the video for the thumbnail to be visible in Instagram posts as you cannot add it separately. This ensures you and your friends to post the video correctly.

In conclusion, you will need to do a lot of testing to see what content flies and what doesn’t. How you structure your content and how your brand guidelines allow you to play with what content you can produce. We, Street Life Agency, have created our own formula to achieve this, however, we never promise our videos will go viral.


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