Video Tool Kit (for beginners)

A list of tips & equipment to create your own content.

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Below is a list of tools to start shooting your own content. For non-professional teams to plan, shoot, and edit videos like a pro. 

Creating content takes different forms and mediums – some are intended for TV and others for social media. Not all videos need to be produced in HQ (high quality) using video production companies like Street Life Agency. On the contrary, depending on your brand, the video look & feel, your budgets, where your videos will be (social media vs Tv) and possibly your team’s availability you should consider shooting your content!

With the list of equipment below, you can make your videos with little trial and error.

Smartphones are so sharp these days that any newer model, capable of shooting in 4K, will not only get you through but produce lovely moving images. Certainly, there will be limitations during low-light settings, but that’s the case for most cameras. Just make sure to enable 4K video on your phone settings when shooting.

Gimbal equipment allows you for panning & yaw left & right and tilts up & down while creating movement through walking or kneeling.  

We suggest getting the DJI Hand-held or the DJI OSMO as shared above. 

If your adding interview or time-lapse into your videos check out getting a tripod. Although you can create still shots with the gimbal, a tripod is great for fix shots and event for a second camera for a second angle. There are low-cost tripods which are more than sufficient. Just make sure it has a phone holder that you can screw on or is inbuilt. 

10 USD Tripod


Our greatest trick by far: get a shotgun to capturing sounds on the go and a lapel with a transmitter(radio) for interviews. This tool will give you high-quality audio fed directly into your camera (phone) video file through the AUX. Having both video and audio synced will make your post editing a lot easier as you do not need to sync or align them.

Lapel & Transmitter:

A lapel is a cable microphone which you clip onto an interviewees shirt. Yes, the one you see during interviews. You might need to get an AUX adapter for an iPhone or a 3-level audio converter jack for an Android to make the cables compatible.

The lapel on its own will limit you according to the length of the cable. Hence, a transmitter will allow you to record wirelessly. Permitting you or the interviewee to walk around several meters apart from one another.

We suggest acquiring the Film Maker Kit from Rode.


A shotgun a handy microphone to sick into your phones AUX slot. To capture any sound that his straight ahead of you. Its built to mount on both sides of the camera – for recording people your shooting and yourself when blogging. The disadvantage compared to a professional lapel is the quality of the audio and sometimes missing the desired audio take due to its directional audio recording.

We suggest the Rode VideoMic ME

Post Production

Great content without good editing is as bad as an amazing mobile application without functionality. Post producing including editing, colour correction, colour grading and audio mastering give your video the functionality and creativity.

We have heard so many times; I can edit! Indeed, everyone can edit. All techniques and skills to learn are accessible over YouTube for free. However, as your boss, a director or filmmaker, you will need to choose of spending days, months, and years learning to edit or you hire a freelancer or video production company for you and only you to decide.

Before using an external company or freelancer, really, dig into them. Do several rounds of interviews to understand their motivation and if they like the category of content your capturing and what they have done in the past. A good tip to check if they have the same feel and style as you are to ask them to suggest music for a video example. Your editor will spend around 70% of the entire video production process (pre-production (planning), production (shot), post-production(editing)) filtering, choosing, rearranging, editing, and colour correcting the footage. He or she is your main asset to get the content the way you imagine it.

We, Street Life, use Adobe Premiere Pro as our go-to editing software.

Project Management

The video value chain is lengthy. Creating and conceptualising the concept, choosing the location and actors, scheduling all stakeholders, getting the right props and equipment and food & beverages onset is only the preproduction phase. The production phase of shooting is even more stressful. And post-production needs time to let the creativity flow. You need to manage this!

To record this entire process, we suggest creating a project in Asana, selecting the board view, and adding columns which represent all the individual steps along the way.  Your team and yourself will push or drag each card (the video product) throughout the different stages – proving clarify and accountability. This is how our Asana looks like:

Video Film Project Management
Project Management for Film

BONUS: From the above screenshot, you will notice every card (video product) has a project number. We do this to inventory our content and add meta-tags to each clip, ensuring that we can find content in the future!


Download our latest pdf. E-Book about video trends, trips & tricks to win 2019.


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