Shaun Warner’s Musical Success

Shaun Warner bringing you diverse soundtracks

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Shaun Warner is an Irish UAE-based DJ-Producer who spun multiple genres of electronic music from deep house through techno to ambient. Not only has he packed out dancefloors all around the world, but also Shaun’s creation of his own music brought him to the iTunes top 20 in many countries. In 2016, he signed a deal with Universal Music to release his debut album, Shaun Warner & Friends – and is celebrating right here to promote Middle Eastern Electronica here in our very own Dubai!

Every artist comes across a different journey, and Shaun reveals his journey

Warner’s key to recognition is collaboration. He started off with learning from those he collaborated with, later it became a fun, and promoting process – after all, two heads are better than one.

When Shaun moved from Sydney to Dubai, he wasn’t as recognized as he was back home, but he had a positive attitude and instead of focusing on getting promoted for gigs, he concentrated on spending more time in the studio, remixing, producing, and writing.

Warner uses different methods with every track he creates. Sometimes he starts with lyrics and builds the music around the sentiment of the tracks (like in “While we sleep”), and other times he would create the music first and then create the lyrics (like in “Here we go”) where he had collaborated with Esther Eden. Hence, there is no specific process to creating music.

After moving to Dubai, Warner had become influenced with Arabic vocals and he used his collaboration strategy with Maysa Daw to combine electronic music with Arabic vocals. Their colab was an articulate expression of Middle Eastern conflicts, bringing together East and West.

Every musician has a go-to expert. Shaun’s go-to expert here in Dubai is Tobie Allen. Shaun says his main learning lesson is to always refer to an expert. There is only so much to know about the music industry, and a musician could always use support.

Come show your support and meet Shaun himself to celebrate his album launch, Shaun Warner & Friends in The DEK on 8 in Media One Hotel this Thursday the 16th of February. Only good vibes and high fives are allowed.

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