Dubai Welcomes East Africa

About Efro & Co the next big fashion label.

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Dina Yassin brings East Africa to the desert thru a killer fashion collection

One of the best things about Dubai is that it is a true melting pot. What comes with it is the fact, that you will most probably always find something that reminds you of home. Jamaican oxtail? Japanese Daiso? Indian gold? You name it. Dina Yassin is one hell of an inspiring woman who decided, to keep up this spirit by creating Efro & Co – a fashion brand that allows her to bring her East African heritage (as well as several African styles) to Dubai.

The very symbol of the brand is Harshoy – the East African Crowned Crane but also, her Dad’s nickname. As she says: “he was an economist advisor and our personal stylist at home” which definitely seeds passion inside her. Dina told us that 90% of the materials they use are Eco-friendly and they are all about supporting the fair trade movement. Ain’t that something in the world of quick fashion?

If you are wondering where she gets all the colourful materials for her pieces: the devils in the travels. She brings them from all the trips around Africa and tops them up with elements she gets in Old Dubai. Now, as if this was not enough, she kicked into 2018 creating a Newsletter called “Efrozine”. Inside you will find dope pictures (very Efro style), travel diaries, latest collection and a tribute to all the people that inspire the brand.

Nobody should look like everybody” – Dina believes that everyone has a unique vibe and it’s important for people to bring their own identity into what they wear. That’s why the brand is so special. “Efro is a movement” and it’s all about supporting people and local/ African artisans. What we have to get ready for is a lot of collaboration – Dina said they are about to team up with some local creatives to create something special. The new collection called “Dhahabu” (which means gold in Swahili) and is out now, and already appreciated by Vogue Arabia – be quick to buy as it seems that pre-orders are already in the pipeline and you don’t want to miss it.

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