TOXIC BRAINS – the streetwear liberator

incredible story behind this fashion brand.

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“Media brainwashing us, influencers misleading us, social media pushing us to seek perfection.”

Toxic Brains, the new streetwear brand, enters the market with a strong message.

  • the poison: “our brains are exposed to what the media and fake influencers try to plant the seeds for. Hatred, dividing and labelling us.”
  • their answer: the power to question what is right and what is propaganda.


Toxic Brains helps us raise awareness on real life, street life. To open our eyes, celebrate our surroundings and connect with our city, instead of connecting with fake media. By rocking the toxic brains gas mask, it acts as a constant reminder of real life beyond the fake media world.

We say right on! This is exactly what we, Street Life, stand for.

Check out their latest collection below and get your antidote (clothing) from here.

Toxic Brains Streetwear Dubai UAE

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