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Daffy & Flipperachi Take Over the Hip-Hip Scene in the GCC

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Kuwaiti and Bahraini Hip-Hop artists Daffy and Flipperachi are no strangers to Khaleeji Hip-Hop and have seemed to take over the creative spotlight with their new singles “Ee La” and “Khameeskom Fallah” featuring DJ Outlaw.

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of hunger in the Hip-Hop sector in our region; but Arabic Hip-Hop sensation Daffy (AKA Nawaf) and Flipperachi have been quenching our thirst for Arabic quality Hip-Hop. Daffy’s “Samboosa” was so popular that even at a point we would hear the song on the radio and in nightclubs!

In collaboration with Bahraini artists Flipperachi and DJ Outlaw, Daffy and the boys came together to bring us their even more famous hit, “Eee La” – which is a nostalgic song and music video that playfully mimics the inside jokes of the Khaleeji language, especially the Kuwaiti & Bahraini accent.

Flipperachi also has a couple of hits like his “Khaleek Shabik” which means “Stay Connected” which emphasizes the influence of social media on our everyday lives in a funny and catchy beat.

Last but not least, Flipp’s and Daffy’s greatest accomplishment was their “Khameeskom Falla” song which translates to “Your Awesome Thursday”. The music video seems to be inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with its cool Zombie theme – although the zombie theme seems to be more appropriate here since it implies that they’ve been working all week – hence the zombie-ness. The video features Saudi social media influencer Tarek Al Harbi and all-famous Kuwaiti Host Shuaib Rashid who’s gotten some pretty rigid publicity from all over the GCC.

Do you think of Daffy & Flipp as original or just another trend? Tell us what you think below in the comments!

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